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Speech text final examination

Versi Text :
Assalammu'alaikum wr.wb.

Alhamdulillahirobbil ‘alamin assolatuwassalamu ‘ala asrofil anbiya i wal mursalinsayyidina wa maulana muhammadin wa ‘ala alihi wa shahbihi ajma’in. Amma ba’du.

Global Economy
It is a widely accepted view that globalization would not only benefit all countries across the world but would also work towards the betterment of the economy as a whole. Globalization was not only loosed of boundaries of each countries but associated with many complex thing in a country including economic. A global economy is characterized as a world economy with an unified market for all goods produced across the world. It thus gives domestic producers an opportunity to expand and raise capacity according to global demands Likewise, it also provides an opportunity to domestic consumers to choose from a vast array of imported goods. A global economy aims to rationalise prices of all products globally. 

While a global economy or globalization has the distinct advantage of raising world productivity and incomes and bringing about an improvement in the standards of living for all people at a global level, it has the dangerous side effect of growth with inequality. This has been evidenced in the less developed economies of India, China and Brazil where the benefits of globalization have not percolated to the lowest levels. This has brought about a wide divide between the have-nots and the have-lots.

A Global Economy also leads to a shifting of jobs from the developed countries to the Third World Countries as wage rates are much lower here. This allows companies of the advanced nation to grow exponentially. For example, we might find computer chips produced in China be exported to USA for designing which may be subsequently used in Japanese computers supplied across the world. This process is called “outsourcing” and leads to exploitation of workers in Third World economies where income inequalities already exist.

The last, nonetheless, a global economy may be beneficial for the world at large. This may result in the economies of the world fighting issues such as global warming or maybe climate change.

That’s all my speech, thank you for listening
Hope this speech will be useful, I do apologize for the mistake,  see you next time.
The last i say.

Wassalammu'alaikum wr.wb.

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Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

My future business

Assalammu’alaikum. Hello to everything. Hallo Guy’s, meet again in a blog me. With the theme of different, this time the theme of which I wrote is a plan to open the business. In accordance with the study program Faculty I choose the economy education. My study program is not far from the name of the business as the name of economic education but my course is more directed to become a profession and teachers can also lead to the business. The advantages of taking an economic education course, first can be a teacher and the second can be a businessman. Hehe ... okay, what business will I open or wake up for the future. I have a plan someday I do not know when it can happen, I want to open a kind of casual place on the outskirts of the road that sell hot and cold drinks and snacks or other heavy. Because now a lot of entrepreneurs open the usual place hanging out become a place for the gathering of young people today. Especially with the advancement of technology that is the free Wi-fi is perfect for the overseas kids like college students similar to me this wkwkwk ... to build this business is not easy because there are so many businessmen out there profession with this intention of mine. So, I must be clever to take the opportunity in narrow for this problem hehehe ... because who he can quickly, do not be careless if not to be outdone. Hehe ... capital and strategy is also an important issue for all beginners like me in terms of opening a business. Hopefully while there is intention all there is a way. Aamiin. The first of my wassalalmmu'alaikum. y while there is intention all there is a way. Aamiin. The first of my wassalalmmu'alaikum.

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Assalammu'alaikum. Peace to all of us. On this occasion I wrote a tutorial about the Registration Procedures and Student Academic Guidance. This tutorial is for new students, accepted in college. Especially for the new students of Untan. Here are the steps :

Firstly, that should be done especially to the new students that students pay attention and read the academic calendar that can be viewed online or can be downloaded on the web siakad.untan.ac.id. And read the announcement regarding the re-registration period and the amount of fee to be deposited in the designated bank of the amount of fee and designated bank information can be seen on the site. Www.untan.ac.id.

Second, the students next look at the academic status in the previous semester. Whether registered status, alpha lecture, or college leave on the web siakad.untan.ac.id.
• If the student has an active status registered, then it can directly conduct the re-registration process by paying the SPP in the bank that has been appointed according to the force / year of entry.
• If the student has alpha lecture status, then the student must own and bring alpha lecture certificate from the faculty, and taken to BAAK in order to activate the registration process.
• If the student has an academic leave status, then the student must have and carry an academic leave issued by the Rector of Tire on the recommendation of the Dean, and immediately taken to BAAK in order to activate the re-registration process.

Third, students pay SPP for next semester in bank (according to force) and print slip / proof of payment.

Fourth, get a slip / proof of payment from the bank.

Fifth, bring slip / proof of payment to BAAK Tanjungpura University.

Sixth, receive new KTM / ATM and re-register in academic faculty respectively.

And seventh, serve re-registration at faculty level & department & prodi and print LIHS (for previous semester) and provide consultation Lirs manual to PA lecturer (Academic Advisor).

Finally, welcome to UNTAN 2017 new students. We look forward to your appreciation for this campus.


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Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Assalammu’alaikum. How are you today. Hopefully always in a healthy and protected by ALLAH SWT. Aamiin. On the opportunity this time, with the theme of new namely interviewed someone who have the ability to or talent. This time I will interviewed my brother cousin. Here’s the profile of him :

His name is ‘Darul Salam Sattar’, the name of calling ‘Salam’. To shorten the time following the conversation of an interview. Check it out :
Allif                   : Assalammu’alaikum wr.wb.
Mr. Salam         : Wa’alaikumussalam wr.wb.
Allif                   : How are you today?
Mr. Salam         : Alhamdulillah. I’m fine, and you?
Allif                   : Alhamdulillah I’m fine to thank you. May I borrow your time for a while?
Mr. Salam         : May I please. I also again not busy.
Allif                 : Hemb… I have given the task of by the lecturer to interviewed the people who have the ability to or talent. I want to ask, do you have of the ability?
Mr. Salam       : Oh… what is it. My ability of many, including : singing, play musical instruments like ; the guitar, bass, and drums, play skateboard, ride a bike BMX, and beatbox as well parkour can also but it’s been a long never do it again.
Allif                   : When do you play it?
Mr. Salam         : Since the year 2009.
Allif                   : Who teach you?
Mr. Salam        : I learned self-taught learn to see video’s on YouTube. From YouTube was I learned to play that all.
Allif               : Great, only with YouTube you can do all of it maybe other people can’t do it. Continue to expertise especially that you have in addition to this?
Mr. Salam           : Expertise next is cut hair. I now working in one Barbershop in Sanggau. I can do it because I learned from YouTube videos.
Allif                   : Thank you for the time and the opportunity to her. It has been taking time to share stories to me as well and answering any questions that I gave surrounding the ability to owned you.
Mr. Salam            : Equally. While it could share experience to all people don’t be a problem for me.
Allif                   : Hemb… For the word cover can you give words motivation to friends or readers blog me that they can be great like you.
Mr. Salam             : Initially I was not interested in the same things so that now my interest or hobby. Until I just underestimated because I used to not know anything. But after that I realized I could and did not want in the view of one eye. So I learned how to do it all, even if only to capitalize youtube danjuga learn and see other people better than me. The motivation for me personally, everything you want to achieve it took the name of the process and hard work. Success is not going to be obtained if we just lazing away without effort and hard work. So sorry if there are any words and pronunciations. thanks.

Address Barbershop

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Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

How to Give a Speech?

It’s time to overcome what people fear more than death is public speaking.
This article will help you prepare for the steps before performing speech. Step 1 : 

Part One of Three :
Preparing The Speech

1. Pick your message
Your speech should be able to summed up in a sentence, maybe two.Avoid speeches narrative (just describing tourist attractions, festivals on the site itself), write a script that contains an opinion or an invitation to the listener. Or do not write the speech to review the problem that we do not understand it. Opinions or solicitation speaker should be placed in the initial paragraph of the speech along with raises issues to be discussed. The appearance of problems at the start will facilitate understanding of the other person or the listener. Although the theme that we choose a common theme, but if we think there is something very interesting or important in these themes, it is likely others will also feel the attractiveness or the importance of the theme. If we are clever speeches package as attractive as possible, others who had thought that we express is something that does not draw too, could be interested. This is what your speech really boils down to: it's what you'll start off with and what you'll return to at the end. Example ; 
  • So what's yours? Did your teacher give you a specific topic to cover? If so, what's your stance? Or is it more personal? Two or three personal stories with a connecting theme can be quite the vivid speech. 

2. Know your audience
Listeners and the audience is our object in the speech, but also a subject that must interpret the ideas we deliver. So naturally, we know what and who they are. By getting to know who they are we will be easy and seamless to communicate with them, making it easy also for them to accept what we mean in the speech. This will determine the entirety of your speech. You wouldn't deliver the same speech to four year-olds as you would to CEOs! So know your audience. Here are a few things to consider :

3. Don’t ruminate about negative thoughts
Ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? People will give you weird looks for not giving a speech according to their "expectations". Think what you will get, overcoming the fear of public speaking. Opponents fear with confidence and also do not forget before starting not to forget to pray to God to make it easy on all matters. How to cope with a look and said to myself : 
  • Who are they? Age? Gender? Beliefs?
  • How much do they know about your topic? This will determine the amount of complicated language you can use (hint: if they don't know much, don't use it!). 
  • Why are they there? To be taught something? Because they have to be? Because they're genuinely interested? 
  • How long have they been there? If you're 17th of 18th speeches, take that into account! 

4. Research your subject
If your subject is you, congratulations! You probably already know you like the back of your hand (or arm or leg, but probably not head). But if it's not, get to researching. The pros and the cons! If people can poke holes in your argument, it's not a very effective speech. So, everything that must be prepared carefully so that when advanced or appear to run well and be successful. 
  • Have at least three points to support your message (that one succinct sentence you're working with). Address the counterargument, but don't focus on it. 
  • Only complicate it as much as your audience can tolerate. Stay away from jargon and technical terms if it's gonna leave your listeners scratching their heads and feeling out of place.

5. Use stories, humor and metaphor
A speech full of dull, statistics can make the audience bored. Instead, opt for a story it is easier to follow structure and make them live with things like metaphor and antithesis. 
  • Addressing the president of your company about budget locations? Maybe not. 
  • Antithesis is about using opposites. Clinton said, "I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside.but who burns for America on the inside" in speech. 

6. Use flashy adjectives, verbs and adverbs
More about being vivid! Take the sentence "The fishing industry is bad" and change it to "The fishing industry's practices are egregious. " Even something as simple as "We can solve the problem," to "We can speedily solve the problem" is more memorable. Think active, "We can force change when we have the manpower." Make them sit up in their seats, you know?

7. Jump right in
So no hemming and “hawwing”, no apology, no “I wonder…,” no “Thank you,” only to brass tacks. Do not talk about painting get right in there and start creating images for them. They are there for your speech, not how you feel about it or how you are feeling right now.

8. Write it out
You should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should both be brief and to the point, the conclusion being a reiteration of the intro. And the body? Well, that's everything else. Because forming a speech in your head is a lot of work. Write it out, see how it transitions from point to point, if it covers all your bases, and if it really says what you set out to say. If it doesn't, revamp till it does! 

Part Two of Three :
Practicing The Speech

1. Write down your main points
Write down your main points. Now that you have everything you want to say figured out (and hopefully on paper), write down your main points. Take this notecard and see if you can cover everything just from looking at it. Get to the point where you're comfortable delivering it just with the notecard. The more comfortable you are with the speech, the more it'll show when you're delivering it. 
  • How does it flow? What parts are you less convinced by yourself on? 

2. Memorize it
Okay, so this is not super necessary, but certainly a good idea. If you know by heart, you can make eye contact with the audience. Do not stress if you do not have enough time – but if you do, take advantage of it. This does not mean that you should go there unarmed. If your mind is empty, you can look around and go to the place where you need to. Send it to someone. This is a great idea for a few reasons : 
  • Communicate to someone helps you get used to someone looking at you while you’re talking. public speaking can be quite intimidating, so it had an audience of practice will help calm your nerves. 
  • Do they really pay attention. At the end of your speech, ask them what questions arise in their minds. Is there a hole in your argument? Or do something to confuse them? 

3. Deliver it to someone 
This is a grand idea for a couple of reasons :
  • Public speaking can be pretty terrifying, so having a practice audience will help calm your nerves. 
  • Have them actually pay attention. At the end of your speech, ask them what questions popped up in their mind. 

4. Practice in front of the mirror and in the shower
Really, you have to practice wherever you can. But these two places will be very useful : 
  • Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language. what movement work where? How do you feel about the break and what you do for them? 
  • Practice in the bathroom because it’s probably one you can think of going beyond that. Is your mind a blank on each section?

5. Time it
You are given a specific time slot or you are given a length requirements for speech. Try to get it comfortably above the minimum and maximum comfortable under that way if you do not intentionally speed up or slow down, you're still golden.

Third Part Three :
Delivering The Speech

1. Think about your posture and body language
Standing like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech. Nor should you go the opposite way and lean over the podium. You use your hands every day to express emotion this speech is no different. You're still communicating to people, just on a bigger scale. Though the scale is different, the gestures remain the same.

2. Use props
Talk about painting a vivid picture. Telling a story about your dad's last burning building he ran into? Take out his burned firefighter helmet.

3. Know when and how to use pictures
Just make sure you use them to your advantage! You want them to listening to you, not awe-struck by the pretty pictures. Use graphs to illustrate your points, especially if they're hard to understand. Don't face the pictures when you're talking.

4. Select people in your audience, don't scan
A lot of people are under the impression scanning the audience is ideal and if that makes you nervous, just sort of scan the back wall.

5. Vary your tone
The parts you feel passionate about should be clearly emphasized! Speak loudly and with vigor! Pound your fist if you need to! And then there are parts that will feel more like a lullaby. And even parts that require pauses to let the emotion set in. AND THEN RAMPED BACK UP. It's a lot more effective verbally than over text. You get it. Don't be afraid to chuckle a bit or show a bit of grief or frustration. You're human.

6. Don't forget about pauses!
Think about the sentence, "hydrogen monoxide killed 50 million people last year. 50 million. Let that sink in." Now think about the sentence with pauses after each period. Gets a little more serious, doesn't it? Draw a big ol' slash through the text to indicate a break. Once you have it down, you'll be able to feel where the pauses will go.

7. Don't forget about pauses! 
Think about the sentence, "hydrogen monoxide killed 50 Take a deep breath. You did it. Next time you'll be giving a speech on how to give speeches. What were you so nervous about in the first place?

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Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can’t imagine life without...

Assalammu’alaikum. Hello to all of us. On this occasion, the theme of which will I wrote is I couldn’t live without… on the 21 precisely in the modern times and global now with all the needs of human continued to escalate every day. I’m talking to myself, “if I can live without the existence of this, then I replied. True, I can’t live without this”. Check is out. Many of us cant’t live with this one. Is it? True, the God. Because God is the only one of which gives life to the mankind. The existence of God’s in the number one if it concerns with the lives of someone. And both what makes I couldn’t live. Is it? Right, My Parents. Maybe children in the whole world certainly agree with me. Without them (parents) we can not be today. The love and affection that never tired given to us from childhood to grow up. Here’s what we  should respect and be afterthought. What we already reply over the sacrifice of them? Honestly, this time I have not been able to reply to the virtues of them. Because, the reply in the form of material has not been able to reply to all the sacrifices they give us to this day. And the last I couldn’t live without? I choose education. Because, of education was very important. Why I say this is the explanation of education was very important. Many people think that education it’s not important. Especially for the people who live in the village or remote areas, they consider education it’s not important. For those better go to work than go to school. Due go to school just a waste of money alone while working can get money. Here I will explain how important that school for our life. Stay here.
  1. Give knowledge, the effect of immediately from a education is knowledge. Education give us a lot of the knowledge of various things and everything in touch with this world, education can also provide sight for life, and help us to form the viewpoint of life.
  2. A career or a job, with educated we will easily got a job, keep trying, and positive thinking.
  3. Builds character, the importance of education to the formation of character humans in order to remain has characteristic humane in acting well, courteous, and well-mannered with make the individual adults in terms of thinking for the future.
  4. Give an epiphany, education abolish thinking that fault we one in mind, help to give an idea that is quite clear about things that are around us to don’t confusion. Able to add to the spirit of in my self, the spirit to find the things that are not known, and passion in life. So, education is able to give an epiphany for anyone. And the last.
  5. Help progress of the nation, education can help progress of the nation because of the future of the nation safe in the hands of educated.

Maybe, just was that I can write less and more. I am sorry. Wassalammu’alaikum

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Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

Careers : Economist

My Group :
  • Allif Fullah Andri
  • M. Hasan
  • Nuzul Arifin
  • Pelagia Lara

Vocabulary Focus
Paragraf 1 :
In Indonesia
Tenaga Kerja

Paragraf 2 :
In Indonesia

Paragraf 3 :
In Indonesia

Paragraf 4 :
In Indonesia
Fringe benefits

Paragraf 5 :
In Indonesia

Exercise 1. Study the meaning of the following words, then use them to fill in the gaps: monitor, check, and control.
  1. I’ve checked the documentation and everything is in order.
  2. Inflation has not gone away but it is under control.
  3. We constantly monitor the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.
  4. We apologize for the delay which is due to reasons beyond our monitor.
  5. Economists monitor prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks.

Exercise 2. Choose the words with similar meaning from two columns and arrange them in pairs.

     Paragraf 1, Line 6.
1. Costs (n)
B. Expenses, Outlay
Paragraf 3, Line 2.
2. Monitor (v)
C. Control, Manage
Paragraf 4, Line 5.
3. Flair (n)
D. Skill, Talent, Inclination
Paragraf 4, Line 3.
4. Entrepreneur (n)
E. Employer
Paragraf 3, Line 1.
5. Forecast (n)
H. Prediction
Paragraf 2, Line 4.
6. Provide (v)
A. Supply, Equip, Outfit
Paragraf 2, Line 1.
7. Job-setting (n)
G. Place of Work 
Paragraf 5, Line 4.
8. Liable (a)
F. Responsible

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences using the words given below.
  1. Self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  2. Entrepreneurial  is a person who sets up business and business deals.
  3. A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.
  4. The industry will have to pass its increased distribution on to the consumer.
  5. The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
  6. He has always been liable for his children.
  7. The benefits or fringe benefits of the job include a car and free health insurance.
  8. He won’t qualify as an economist until next year.
  9. An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or talent.
  10. Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true.
  11. Economists are concerned with the production, costs and consumption.
Words for reference: self-employed, forecasts, benefits or fringe benefits, qualify, flair, entrepreneurial, costs, provide, liable, tycoon, distribution, consumption.

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